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Lake Elmo Living Magazine Feature

Draper House Design Co. was featured in the March Issue of Lake Elmo Living Magazine and we couldn't be more excited! We are sharing the rough draft of the article, found in the Business Profile section, in this week's blog post. The article, which was written by Allison Lund-Zalewski, talks about how Draper House Design came to be. We hope you enjoy it!

"Draper House Design Co.: Ready to Update the Interior of Your Home?

Are you thinking it’s time to spruce up your home, especially now that we find ourselves home more often? Whether it’s painting several rooms in your home or perhaps wanting to overhaul an entire room or two. If that seems daunting to you, you may want to consider hiring an interior design company. Draper House Design Co. is just the business that can assist you in these new updates in your home.

Draper House Design Co. is a full-service, women-owned interior design company that has been in business since 2020. The business is out of the Twin Cities metropolitan area and provides services for residential design with new construction and remodels, commercial/hospitality design, home refreshes, home furnishings, and interior styling/accessorizing. What came about after about a year of discussion was an unmatched collaboration. Jena brings years of experience with home renovations, styling and staging, sales, marketing, and product design. Jordan brings a skillset of interior design experience, marketing, graphic design, and therapeutic skills. Steph has all the financial planning, operations, and organization skills.

Jordan had discussed with Jena that she, too, would like to start her own interior design business and had come up with the name, Draper House Design. Jordan was also talking with Stephanie about going into business together, as she brought things to the table that Jordan was lacking. Jordan thought all three should meet to see if it was a viable team to go into business together.

“Once we all met together, it was a no-brainer, and the rest is history!” Jordan exclaimed.

Before coming together to form the interior design business, all three women came from different work backgrounds. Jena has worked in sales, marketing, and product design for over 13 years with a variety of companies and products. In the last 10 years she has grown her knowledge in the interior design industry through three large renovation and remodel projects. During this time, Jena also began her own small interior design business where her large focus was home staging and styling. Jordan was previously in the mental health field before she started taking interior design classes and then began working at an interior design firm in 2018. She has experience with new construction, remodels, commercial/hospitality design, and home refreshes. Steph’s background in finance, management, and business analysis gave her the skills to work in both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. These same skills are now very crucial to the entire operations of Draper House Design.

“Steph ensures all the fun “design-y” parts come together in an organized fashion. She is the amazing numbers gal of our team and we are so appreciative,” Jena said. When working with their clients, Draper House Design Co.’s ultimate goal is to help others love the place they call home. The business is client-centered in the way it operates and Jena, Jordan, and Steph believe that design should be a collaborative effort. The business offers sustainable practices, whether that is through reupholstery, buying green products, repurposing items, or sourcing vintage. In fact, their suggested products that they use are often “kid and pet friendly.”

“We want to push the envelope a little bit, but also ensure that the homeowner is thrilled with the results. It is a balance between providing our design expertise and direction, but also listening to the clients’ wants and needs. What is top of mind is how our clients use and live in their space, and we design accordingly,” Jordan explained.

While the women’s business inspirations vary amongst them, they all have a deep love for their families in common. All three of them enjoy building relationships with their clients and are always having fun.

“Design inspiration can come from all over: traveling, nature, aspirational designers, home magazines, fabrics, textures, home tours/parade of homes, innovative products… you name it! Luckily for us, we have design inspiration at our fingertips,” Jordan stated.

One thing that gets brought up often is that when they are working, it does not feel like work. To them, that means that they are doing something right. Jena, Jordan, and Steph have a great time working together and it shows through when they meet their clients. Every day at work is something they look forward to. One funny incident that recently happened is that two of them showed up to a client’s home wearing almost identical outfits. In fact, they even thought that one of them should change out of their matching coat but decided to just go with it.

Jordan lives in Roseville with her husband, five-month-old daughter, and two cats. Jena resides in Hudson, Wisconsin, with her husband and three young children. Stephanie is a Lake Elmo resident along with her husband, two young children, and two dogs.

“We are all young families who know all about furniture and walls getting beat up and we know how to help you,” Steph said humorously.

The owners of Draper House Design Co. have one message for their community, “We would love to meet you! We have a variety of services available and would love to help you make the most of your home. We want your home to work for your lifestyle, reflect who you are, and be put to use in the best possible way. Don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out to us. Also, don’t be afraid to follow your design intuition and go with what inspires you and makes you happy.”

If you’re feeling inspired to change or update your home, be sure to follow Draper House Design Co. on their social media pages @draperhousedesign or visit their website at"

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