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In-Stock Living Room Refresh

If you haven't heard already, the interior design industry (and basically every industry) is facing a major bottleneck issue. Demand has remained, but production cannot keep up since the pandemic began. Whether it is lack of shipping containers, delivery drivers, or manufacturing of even the smallest parts (that make a huge difference), lead times on furniture is LONG. We are talking 6 - 9+ months long for custom. Here is your friendly reminder to start now on your custom furniture search.

Are you eager to refresh your home and not wanting to wait for custom? We have access to in-stock designer products that can get to you within 1-2 months. We've put together a living room design (maybe dining room with the light fixture ;) ) that is ready to go!

Interested in any of these pieces? Reach out and we can get the ball rolling. We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

- DHD crew

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